Toys and Accessories for Snowshoe Cats

Cats are naturally athletic animals that are why playing with toys is a vital activity, it improves their strength and agility. Playing is also important for mental and physical stimulation, it serves as an outlet for their natural hunting drive, and it’s also a chance for them to bond with you. It’s both fun and healthy for your pet.

Snowshoes are quite good at making themselves entertained, and you don’t need to buy expensive toys in order to keep them stimulated, although sometimes it is also advisable because some toys are designed to develop certain physical aspects.

Aside from toys you can buy in pet stores, here are some examples of improvised or Do-It-Yourself toys you can find in your household to make your cat or kitten active and lively! You can be as creative and as interactive as you want to be when making activities with these things:

  • Crumpled Ball of Paper
  • Cork
  • Ping pong balls or Golf balls
  • Paper Bags
  • Empty Cardboard Boxes
  • Round Plastic Shower Curtains
  • Flashlight
  • Dangling Objects
  • Stuffed toys (can be filled with catnip)

Important Reminder:

Before using the items above, remove any objects that your cat could chew or swallow such as ribbons, plastic bag, feathers, rubber bands, strings, paper clips, pins, tinsel, needles or other small decorations. If possible, always supervise your cat when he/she is playing and keep harmful objects out of reach

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